How Long Will It Take Me To Lose 40 Pounds?


Weight loss is a gradual process and it does not come overnight for anybody. The weight loss process in any individual mainly depends on the starting weight, age, gender and the level of physical activity. Besides these, your commitment to the weight loss goal, dedication and the lifestyle changes you are ready to make all these greatly influence the speed with which you will be losing weight. Joining a decent weight loss program may help you achieve this goal.

Nutrisystem is a very well known diet program that has been reining the weight loss industry for over four decades. There are even success stories that claim to have lost over 100 lbs successfully with Nutrisystem. The program believes in slow and steady weight loss and assures up to 2 lbs of weight loss if the suggestions are strictly followed. When you compare it with other giant programs like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem is considered to be offering more convenience in terms of diet plans, foods, weight loss and more. To know how Nutrisystem differs from other weight loss programs in the market visit

Creating a deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day will help you lose a pound of fat. A deficit is created by eating less than what you burn, by moving more or by doing little of these both. To lose 40 pounds you will have to create a deficit of 140000 to 350000 calorie which can be kept only as a long time goal. When you are able to create 1000 calories of deficit per day, you will be able to lose 8 pounds a month. Therefore, at this rate you will be able to shed 40 pounds in about five months time. Creating 500 calories of deficit per day requires double the time of what it takes for 1000 calories of deficit per day.

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