Do’s and don’t’s when you choose smurf accounts

Buying gaming accounts is a popular trend. Now almost every player out there has smuf accounts. These simply enhance the game play experience several levels. This allows the players to play in different ways and gather lot of resources as well. These smurf accounts are great also because they offer a lot of other game benefits. But there are numerous sources out there when you choose to buy smurf accounts. When you are new to smurf accounts it might be a difficult journey. Here are some of the tips to remember while smurfing so that you can make the best use of these accounts:

  1. Be courteous in the forum:

There are numerous new players out there who are using smurf accounts. There are many that might ask for resources. There are those that might sometimes seem a little annoying with all their requests for help. But then lashing out at other players would put your rank down in the long run. You could instead help the new players learn how to really use the concept.

  1. Smurfs don’t always win:

Just by having a smurf account your wins are not assured. This is something that you should never forget. Your rank can still be volatile. So it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to work your way using smurf accounts and really make good wins in the game.

  1. Do not smurf without really knowing if you have to:

Sometimes with your normal game account you would be able to achieve impressive ranks. This would mean that you are in a pretty favorable position in the game. When this is the situation you need not smurf simply because everyone around you is smurfing. This would lead to creating flamers sometimes and new players would not find a place to come up. In the gaming world it is all about the gaming community rather than individual gameplay.