Vince Vaughn, Glenn Beck team to produce reality show to air on Beck’s network

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Glenn Beck is so money! That’s what Vince Vaughn must be thinking, as the “Swingers” star has partnered with the radio show host to produce a new reality show that will air in 2013 on Beck’s TheBlaze TV. The show is called “Pursuit of Truth,” and it pits 20 documentary filmmakers against one another, with the grand prize being the financing and distribution of their documentary film. “I am proud to announce that Vince Vaughn and I are going to be the executive producers,” Beck said Wednesday. “That should make everybody’s head spin. What the hell is Vince Vaughn doing with a crazy man? I know, that’s what my friends say. Glenn, what are you doing with the crazy man Vince Vaughn?” Vaughn and Peter Billingsley of Wild West Productions, along with Gary Auerbach of Go Go Luckey Entertainment, and Beck will be reviewing potential contestants, according to the show’s casting site. The deadline for submissions is Jan. 31, 2013. Beck gave listeners to his radio show some hints on his taste in docs. “I’d love to see something on the Federal Reserve, the game that’s being played there. I would love to see something on why capitalism is actually a good thing, why it’s not a bad thing,” he said Wednesday. Vaughn’s Wild West is currently producing the 20th Century Fox comedy “The Internship,” starring Vaughn and Owen Wilson, also due out in 2013. Read more:

Film Fest: Vince Vaughn Honored with John Cassavetes Award

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During the span of his lengthy career, it’s almost certain that Vince Vaughn has made you laugh. Whether he’s avoiding a family sing-along in The Break-Up or making “Earmuffs” the quote of the year in Old School, Vaughn has proved his mettle in Hollywood. He’s also stepped behind the camera, with writing credits on movies including Couples Retreat and The Internship, his upcoming comedy with Owen Wilson. For all these reasons, the folks running the Starz Denver Film Festival, which wrapped yesterday, awarded Vaughn the 2012 John Cassavetes Award, which “is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the world of filmmaking and whose work reflects the spirit of the late John Cassavetes.”

Vaughn was in town for a screening of his sister Valeri Vaughn’s documentary, Art of Conflict, which he narrates. The film depicts how street murals illustrate the story of Northern Ireland’s violent history—particularly between the Protestants and Catholics in the region— and includes interview with muralists, political figures, and historians. Some highlights from the Q&A that followed Saturday’s viewing:

On where the story idea for Art of Conflict came from: “I went on a trip to Ireland and had heard stuff about the conflicts in the north. I ended my trip in Belfast and was shocked to see to the murals—they were powerful, shocking, and inspiring. [They were] something I hadn’t seen before.”

On making the film: “It’s a lot of years, a lot of hours, lots of clearance to get [a film made], especially with documentaries, when you’re dealing with a lot of material. It takes a lot of people. The editor of this also cut The Break-Up and Iron Man.”

On making a documentary: “It’s like writing a script. In a documentary, you get all the footage and then you have to find the story. Our focus is not a history lesson.”

On the group dynamic of filmmaking: “You need to have a vision. You need to surround yourself with people who have good ideas.”

On being pegged as a comedy actor: “I was lucky to have older actors who said, ‘An actor’s job is to work.’ [So I thought] I should probably try to go do some movies. The comedies were scripts that I liked. It was something that was fresh, that we hadn’t seen in the way we were doing it. Just now I’m starting to go do other types of films. Like anybody, you have a lot of sides to yourself, and one gets more prominent or rewarded. I never had much of a game plan. You try to do your best with the thing that’s in front of you that you’re excited about. The fame is the part that’s really hard about it. You do have to really love [acting] to go through it and deal with it.”

On his next project: “It’s with Owen Wilson, a movie called The Internship, where two guys originally from Atlanta lose their jobs. They start Googling “good jobs,” [then they end up] typing “Google” into Google. We decide, why not us? So we try our hand at the internship program at Google.”

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Vince Vaughn and his Mom jump out of plane at Chicago Air and Water show


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Vince Vaughn was told he could have a guest join him for his skydiving stunt during the 52nd annual Chicago Air and Water show on Saturday, so the 40-year-old actor and Lake Forest native brought his Mom — naturally.

The Vaughns and the Golden Knights, the Army’s parachute team, jumped from an estimated 12,500 feet shortly before 11 a.m. and touched down onto the sand at North Avenue Beach.

As was the case when fellow actor Bill Murray took the plunge with the Golden Knights in 2008, the mother and son, decked out in yellow and black, “Kill Bill”-like jumpsuits, were each strapped to a Golden Knights parachutist for the tandem jump.

The “Wedding Crashers” star apparently wasn’t feeling well on the plane due to the high altitude but was smiling after his stand-up landing (Vaughn had his feet up like a child on a swing set when his parachutist’s feet touched the ground, which is common procedure).

Once his mother, Sharon, landed, the two hugged and then posed for photos with members of the Golden Knights.

“That was the first time for the both of us,” Vaughn said afterward. “That’s not exactly our hobby.”

When asked which Vaughn was more nervous, Sharon said, “We weren’t nervous — we were more excited.”

Vaughn recently finished shooting the Ron Howard-directed comedy “The Dilemma” in Chicago. Does he think the film’s Oscar-winning director would ever consider skydiving?

“I think Ron would probably do it,” Vaughn responded.

The Leap Frogs, the Navy’s parachute team, performed soon after the Golden Knights and included two parachutists locking legs in the air during their portion of the show.

Two Firebirds planes zipped by each other frequently during their stunts — likely making some audience members nervous in the process — but the danger is part of what keeps crowds coming back year after year.

(The “Top Gun” music and the excited announcer yelling “How do they do that?” on the loudspeakers doesn’t hurt either.)

The two-day lakefront festival attracts over 2 million people each year according to the city and has been dubbed “the largest free show of its kind in the United States.” Those willing to pay extra for a prime viewing spot can rent a beach chair for $35 in front of Castaways.

The Air and Water show continues on Sunday and will include most of the stunts that took place on Saturday, minus the A-list celebrity and his Mom leaping out of a plane.

Vince Vaughn To Skydive At Air & Water Show This Weekend

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While we might be flyover country for some Hollywood stars (their loss), we do get our share of Vince Vaughn sightings here in Chicago. Whether it’s at the United Center watching a Bulls or Blackhawks game, or around town filming a new movie (as he’s doing this summer with Ron Howard’s The Dilemma), the ‘burbs-raised Vaughn spends plenty of time in the city.

This weekend, Chicagoans will get another chance to spot the comedy star — this time on a flyover of his own, at 12,000 feet in the air.

Vaughn will be taking part in the 52nd annual Air & Water Show, a weekend-long aerobatics festival that takes place along Lake Michigan, according to the Chicago Tribune. While it officially stretches from Fullerton to Oak Streets, the focal point is North Avenue Beach.

It’s on that beach that Vaughn will land, after a tandem skydive with the Army’s Golden Knights.

Every year in the festival’s history, the Knights have performed dazzling group skydiving performances. These days, they have cans of red smoke attached to their feet, tracing their aerial acrobatics as they plummet from the skies.

Vince Vaughn will join the Knights in the weekend’s kick-off performance, this Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

But he’s not the first Chicago actor to take the plunge. Two years ago, for the Air & Water Show’s fiftieth anniversary, Bill Murray tandem-dived with the Golden Knights.

Meet Vince Vaughn’s Mom, Fitness Guru

Vince Gerasole


There might be a good reason the instructor twisting every which way on the North Shore looks so familiar. Her son is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars: Chicago’s own Vince Vaughn.

The resemblance is obvious. But is Vince as flexible as his incredibly fit mother, Shea Vaughn?

“I haven’t tested him lately, it’s not one of those things we do,” she said.

Vince helped to parody yoga classes in his recent film “Couple’s Retreat,” but his mother says in real life he’s got an appreciation for the mind and body workout. She’s said he’s even attended her classes, and she’s worked with him privately.

The north suburban resident calls her one-hour workout “SheaNetics,” a combination of yoga, pilates, martial arts and dance. She says even people who need to build endurance and flexibility will find the workout inspiring.

“You go in and just do a little bit, you embrace what you can do and you are forgiving for what you find challenging, and each time that you do it, you just get better at it,” Vaughn said.

Mama Vaughn speaks glowingly of her new daughter-in-law, Kyla. She says Vince and his bride organized the secret Lake Forest nuptials in January by themselves.

She offered some motherly advice about raising children, even when one of them is a movie star.

“You kind of learn after a while that you can only coach so much, and then after a while you have to let them do their own thing,” she says.

Shea Vaughn is much smaller than her 6-foot, 5-inch-tall son. In very high heels, she stands about 5 feet, 6 inches.

In an interview after “Couple’s Retreat,” Vince Vaughn said he didn’t approve of male yoga instructors, but he may have been just a little bit biased.


Vince Vaughn Calls ‘We Are The World’ A ‘Beautiful Prayer’

‘I felt very grateful to be included,’ actor says of his part in the remake of the 1985 single.

In 1985, most of the music industry’s biggest names got together in the studio with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces to record “We Are the World” to raise money to fight famine in Africa. Now, 25 years later, musicians and actors have once again teamed up to record a remake of the tune to benefit the earthquake-ravaged nation of Haiti.

“I don’t know [about a solo]. What’s so funny about that? When you think of raising money with singing, obviously I’m going to be sitting there,” actor Vince Vaughn joked.

When asked which voice part he’d be providing on the song, Vaughn noted that he isn’t a tenor. “You know, I’m a lot of things, so I don’t like to limit myself,” he said. “And you know I can finger-point, but I point with my eyes — if you watch in the video you see my eyes going up and down a lot and that’s just me grooving with the music.

“I remember two things from my childhood,” Vaughn continued about his memories of the single. “One, when we first discovered electricity — that was exciting and when we stopped riding horses to school when we actually had those moving cars. I thought, ‘That’s pretty amazing.’ And then we heard this song. I remember all of the parts of that song and I remember enjoying it. Like I said before, I think it is a beautiful prayer, that song that was done, and I think tonight was very special as well.”

All joking aside, Vaughn revealed why he wanted to participate in the remake. “Honestly, for me, I felt very grateful to be included and unfortunately sometimes it takes these kinds of things to bring people together,” he explained. “But I think the great thing, and I’m very happy to be an actor, but music is the highest art form. Music can take you the farthest, the fastest emotionally in the quickest time.

“And I think all songs on some level are prayers, so to come and say a prayer with all these very talented people tonight was a great thing to do,” he continued. “I knew why everyone was here tonight, sincerely, and I thought it was great everyone came out tonight and that was really, really special.”

Learn more about what you can do to help with earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti, and for more information, see Think MTV. Visit or call (877) 99-HAITI to make a donation now.

Vince Vaughn Marries


Wedding Crashers star Vince Vaughnsecretly married his girlfriend Kyla Weber on Jan. 2, has learned exclusively.

The 39-year-old actor’s wedding was held at an historic mansion near his Chicago home.

Vaughn’s former girlfriend Jennifer Aniston did not attend.

The three-day wedding celebration began with a New Year’s Eve party in Vaughn’s penthouse apartment in Chicago’s Palmolive Building, has learned.

Wedding guests stayed at the neighboring Knickerbocker Hotel and took buses to the wedding site – the Great Hall of the historic Arnour House at Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Ill.

Vince and Kyla, 29, wed in front of about 65 friends and family members.

Vince Vaughn Gets Sucker-Punched At Hollywood Hot Spot

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Publicist: Some One Hit Actor And Ran

LOS ANGELES — Actor Vince Vaughn got sucker-punched early Friday while waiting for his car, after leaving the lounge at the Standard hotel, a New York publicist said.

“All I know is that Vince last night was at a club. He had left and was waiting for his car when someone hit him and ran,” Ina Treciokas said.

“Vince never threw a punch. There was no brawl. He was just standing outside and got punched. Authorities are looking for this individual. I have every confidence they will find him. Vince is considering pressing charges,” the publicist added.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Bruce Thomas in West Hollywood said the 32-year-old actor was the “victim of a fight” outside the Standard about 2 a.m. and was not arrested. The suspects fled, Thomas said, and are being sought.

Vaughn, born in Minneapolis, has appeared in numerous films, including “Swingers,” “The Cell,” “Clay Pigeons” and the current release “Old School.”