5 window decorations you can buy online


Windows are often ignored but you would be surprised at how you can impact the aesthetics of the room by decorating the windows. There are several ways you could decorate a window to suit the theme you have chosen for the particular room. There are DIYs you could try and products you could buy. If you are looking to do some serious makeover to a room, here are 5 products you can buy to decorate your windows:

  1. Curtains:

Curtains are not just essentials that can offer privacy and warmth these are also important pieces of decoration in any room. You can customize the looks of a room by picking out the best curtain fabrics. I like these handpicked curtain fabrics which are durable and they stay as good as new for ages. If you do not want to block the sunlight through the window and if you still wish to decorate them you can choose string curtains or lacy curtains.

  1. String lights:

Decorating windows with string lights might be clich├ęd but it is effective. It can instantly add a cozy touch and brighten up the room.

  1. Sun catchers:

Sun catchers are great ideas to decorate a window especially if you are fortunate enough to get ample sunlight falling on the windows. These can add different moods to your room at different times of the day.

  1. Window hangings:

You would be able to find several types of window hangings online. Window wreaths, mobiles, wind chimes, the choices are many. These are so easy to get and can instantly beautify any window.

  1. Drapes and blinds:

If you do not like the conventional curtains you could always add a chic set of drapes or a minimalist blind to the window. This would again help in complementing the theme while also making your windows look great.

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